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Money Saving Tips

The Secret to Obtaining a Lower Price for your Hood Cleaning Service

Do you want to get the best price possible for your restaurant's hood cleaning service?  Of course you do.  Let me give you an insider tip from the perspective of a hood cleaning business owner (who happens also to be the best hood cleaner in the world;).  Open your mind to the possibility of releasing your door key to the hood cleaning company you choose to perform your services.  But don't just give it away freely.  Use the leverage of issuing a key in order for you to obtain a lower price.  You see, a hood cleaning service truck doesn't become profitable unless it can perform multiple (2 or 3) jobs in a daily/nightly route.  If you allow us to have your key, we can more easily become profitable- -therefore it is worth offering you a discount.  Not to mention it makes it easier to schedule last minute or impromptu services if ever an emergency situation arises on your end.  It is really a win win situation for both companies as long as you receive a certification of insurance from the hood cleaning company naming your business as additional insured.  And keep in mind; if the company you choose is seriously dedicated their business (such as ours, in business in Atlanta for over 10 years) they will covet a relationship with you in order to keep your keyed account.  And if they aren't a serious hood cleaning business you SERIOUSLY don't want to jeopardize your business by hiring them.  I've done a lot of manual labor in my day and I can say with complete sincerity that this work is rife with danger.  Please do not hire a new or fly by night company.  Always ask for their credentials.
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