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Looking to Install a New Kitchen Exhaust Hood System?


Whether you are new construction or expanding your business, we’ve got you covered. Having the right exhaust system installed in your kitchen is important for cooking effluent removal, airflow balance, and fire safety. Allow our team of experts to install high-performance exhaust hood systems for your kitchen.


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Here’s Our Process


Our team of experts will visit the job site in-person to determine the best system solution for your business. Current and new system drawing diagrams, pictures, and videos are included.


Once we have gathered all the information for what you are looking to have installed, we will provide you with an estimate that includes all parts, materials, and install. We handle the total installation process for you!


We will order and fabricate all parts for your exhaust system installation, draw permits, and start the job. We handle all electrical and gas plumbing as required and schedule the final inspection with the local jurisdiction for approval.


Installations range based on how many exhaust hood systems are being installed. Typically a single system (1 hood, 1 fan) range from 3-4 full days to complete. Systems with two to three hoods and exhaust fans can take up to 5-8 days to complete. With our estimate, we will provide you with the estimated length of time it will take to complete the full install.

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Yes, the kitchen will need to be vacant in order for us to complete the installation. We will need access in and out of building as well as roof access for installation of the exhaust fan(s) on the roof.

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All systems are variable but we offer a free quote, so call and have us give you an exact price.

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Most county or city jurisdictions do require a permit to install a new kitchen exhaust system, but don’t worry, we handle that for you! The process is simple in most counties and will not take long to obtain.

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