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Quality Vent Hood Cleaning for a Safe Kitchen


Elevate kitchen safety and compliance with our expert commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services. Our thorough and professional approach ensures the removal of grease and contaminants, promoting optimal ventilation performance. Trust us for superior hood cleaning that not only enhances safety but also aligns with industry standards, providing your commercial kitchen with a spotless and secure environment.

Clients in Various Industries

Hoods Unlimited has worked with businesses of various types that depend on a clean kitchen to feed their customers, visitors, students, staff, and residents. Some common industries of our clients include the following:

  • Restaurants – The constant cooking at a restaurant can hasten the buildup of cooking grease in the vent hoods, and their business depends on a safe and fully-operational kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Hotels – Hungry guests in rooms and banquet halls depend on the hotel kitchen for room service and catering. They might get calls at any time, so the kitchen must be ready to prepare a single meal or a buffet for 300 people.
  • Schools – School breakfasts and lunches are essential for the health and happiness of students and faculty. The kitchen staff relies on cooking appliances and ventilation systems throughout the school day to feed hundreds of mouths.
  • Prisons – Inmates and guards have to eat three square meals a day, which puts the prison kitchen to work, using the stoves to prepare food for countless diners.
  • Airports – The rush of arrivals and departures circulates hungry travelers and airport staff from around the globe trying to grab a meal before their connecting flights, which depend on the restaurants and cafeterias in the airport.
  • Hospitals – Patients, medical staff, and custodians alike need to eat while they’re at a hospital, and the cafeterias must produce meals at all times of the day and night.

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If you’re restaurant is operating more than 4 days per week, you should have your hood cleaned at minimum every 90 days (3 months / 1x per quarter). If you are under that standard operation level, your system may be subject to only being serviced twice per year (semi-annually).

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Yes. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) along with Federal and State regulations require that all commercial exhaust hood systems are to be serviced with frequency.

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Typically hood cleanings range from 2-4 hours based on the quantity, size, length, and grease accumulation of the system. If you would like to know the specifics about your system, give us a call at 470-228-0141.

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